March 28, 2010

Sexual politics grinds on

Over in the US, the now divorced Mrs Shackelford wants everyone to respect the sanctity of marriage.

Well, not really everyone, and not her ex-husband. She only wants skanky women to respect the sanctity of marriage. To prove her point, she sued her ex-husband's new partner for alienation of affection and intentionally or recklessly causing severe emotional distress. A two-day trial by jury resulted in $10M being awarded to Mrs Shackelford.

For anyone missing the point: she did not sue her ex-husband for alienation of affection and intentionally or recklessly causing severe emotional distress, despite the line of responsibility from point A to B resting with him. Mrs S sued the third party.

Apparently 62 year old Mr Shackelford was an innocent by-stander. As is usually the case. A pathetic man too childlike and malleable to resist a lollipop. Which, quite frankly, is no different to the Islamic cultural insistence that women must be covered head to toe because men are so barbaric and base as to be able resist the sight of a wrist, an ankle or a wisp of female hair. It's exactly the same spectrum of thinking, and the degrees of extremity aren't nearly as far apart as we, in the West, want to believe.

One way or another, we're all belittled - men and women - by this endless socio-political sideshow that treats all man as infants and reduces all women to nothing but cunning sexual temptresses.

Anyone thinking Mrs Shackelford deserves a pat on the back for her legal stunt is dead wrong.

Is an affair worth $10M?


  1. So what are we going to do about it Caz? What's it going to take to haul society kicking and screaming from its caveman attitude's?

    As someone explained it to me the other day, "It's all about making babies. Either by our choice or by our stupidity, nature doesn't care just as long as we're breeding."

  2. Birth rates all over the world would be pathetic if most babies were planned Dan. With all the contraceptives, and even within marriage, most pregnancies are still 'happy accidents' - more than 60%? - some unbelievably silly number. BTW - more married / partnered women have abortions each year than single or young women.

    Good thing we're naturally stupid, otherwise the selfish gene would be losing badly.

    What do we do? Jeez. Beat up Tiger Woods for being a prat ... oh, yeah, that's been done.

    Seriously, men and women have to stop absolving men.

    Whether it's adultery or rape, everyone every where has to learn that women are not at fault, they are not slabs of meat putting it out there (as our Islamic friends like to suggest).

    And everyone has to learn and acknowledge that men are opportunistic, whether in affairs of the genitals, or in crime.

    Yes, I'm conflating two opposed acts, but the social and moral condemnation for both is dumped on women, often in such a vicious and nasty manner that it turns the stomach.

    I've always been gobsmacked at the outrage at Muslim sentiments and criticisms of women in the West (the local Muslims here, who grab the headlines from time to time with their repulsive sentiments about Australian women). Why the outrage? Western societies react with exactly the same sentiment towards women who are raped, or women who are the other party in an affair. We just use different language. Or we go to court and sue the women for severe emotional distress.

    The onus isn't only on men. It's on women to stop trashing other women. It's on women to stop siding with men, which they do because they want to be on the side of power, and that's where women want to identify - with men, not with other women. (Which is why so many women run with the "I'm not a feminist, but ..." refrain.)

    Not to suggest that any of this is done consciously. Alas, it's ingrained, it's institutionalized, in every aspect of our society.

    Men need to stop allowing women to get away with their shit as much as women need to stop letting men get away with their shit.

    We have a long way to go Dan. I saw a little spark of something in the newspaper yesterday, so small, but so radical, it almost made me smile. Will post about it when I get a minute.

  3. I completely understand why married/partnered women have more abortions. Live with anyone for too long and you won't be wanting to breed with them.

  4. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Twas a trial by jury; they all deserve a slap on the back - a really really big one. What a scary precedence.


  5. Nails - ooh, that's harsh, really harsh! However, the continued high abortion rate amongst married women, would tend to point to something amiss in the land of the traditional family, which is, I expect, why it's so remarkably ignored by pollies and academics alike.

    Justin - scary and stupid.