March 20, 2010

Brown butterflies hate laboratories too

The common brown butterfly doesn't like being forced to live in artificial conditions.

It would seem the butterflies emerge from their cocoons on average 10 days earlier when a bunch of people in white coats and wearing protective eye goggles are watching on.

This is, of course, proof that we are all going to hell in a hand basket and proof of anthropogenically caused climate change / global warming / extreme weather events.

Our planet is doomed ... Tim Blair


  1. Caz--I see you read the bogger Costella about Climategate. He is a conspiracist and a 9-11 Truther.

    He has conspiracy theories about everything. You really might like to check what real scientists say.

  2. Hi Snaps - no, I don't read him at all, and did not even know his name.

    Tim Blair is a local political journalist, and long time blogger. He used to have (and probably still does) the most popular blog in Oz, in traffic at least. Not everyone is a fan. Many read him so as to rant against him.

    I just thought the brown butterfly experiment was very funny.

    As compelling proof of human-caused warming, it isn't what you'd call gold standard science.

    Your all encompassing label "climate scientists" is not as simple as you present it. It's almost astonishing (if it hadn't become so yawn-inducing) the number of scientists involved in selling the religion and politics of global warming/climate change/extreme weather events who are not "climate" scientists at all.

  3. BTW Snaps - I don't see any conspiracy theory. Humans have long been taken with Armageddon scenarios (hey, even the bible has one!).

    Climate change is a big industry, huge, and growing by the minute. It has the bonus of allowing humans to self-flagellate, or flagellate each other, for the sins. Don't even have to get up early on Sunday for church.