March 18, 2010

Booking plane to Cyprus

That's it, I'm leaving for Cyprus tomorrow.


How old is too old?


  1. First, why are you going to Cyprus now?

    And secondly, I don't care what a bunch of idiots say, you can't put a number on what's young or what's old. I've seen plenty of 21 year olds who looked worse than some 50 year olds.

    Then there's the issue of sex, or should I use the PC word, gender. Nobody has brought up Cameron's age, but suddenly it's a big deal when we discuss Bigelow?

    Her small movie beat his ginormous movie. Isn't that what we should be taking from the Oscars?

  2. My youth is numbered in days...

    Cameron, where he in music rather than film, would have an honour roll something like the Bay City Rollers, the Monkeys and the Spice Girls. He is the ultimate commercial animal. And now a 3D version of Titanic? I haven't been able to lash myself to a chair to undergo the 2D as yet.

    Seriously: how many squillions are enough?

  3. "Nobody has brought up Cameron's age"

    Straight to the point Cubicle!

    No one will ever mention that he's an old, unattractive man, who's films lack basic narrative coherence. Guys can get away with stuff like that.

    Father - some times you have to be selfish, save yourself. On that basis, never ever see Titanic. Excrement. One of my all time most loathed films.