February 7, 2010

Only rich looking folk get bashed in Melbourne

I quite like Victoria's Police Chief Commissioner, Simon Overland, but jeez, the man needs to get out more.

Speaking at a public forum, Overland advised Indian students to 'look poor'.

I see a lot of Indians in Melbourne. They look pretty average to me. Normal. Not dressed in Prada. Not dripping in diamonds or Cartier watches.

Every second person on our overly crowded public transport has a visible iPod or some other device - increasingly laptops in open use.

That's fine for those white folks, I guess. It's only Indian students who, according to Overland, "look" outrageously rich and up for mugging by openly flaunting the luxury of having an iPod.

Having suggested that Indian students should wander the streets looking poor, Overland coupled this with the advice that they should avoid living in poor suburbs.

These are the same Indian students who, for the most part, factually speaking, are not being mugged or bashed in a statistically notable fashion.

Also not showing up in the victim statistics are truckloads of rich looking - or actually rich- folk, of any hue or ethnicity.

All the same. Overland is a total dipstick.

He's lucky no-one stole his iPod, watch and Nike runners as he left that gathering.

BTW: number of Australians murdered in India in the last decade - ten.

Look poor to avoid being bashed


  1. It certainly instills confidence doesn't it. Sort of a throwing of the hands into the air and proclaiming "we can't help you, you're on your own".

    I must say, I look poor and I haven't been mugged for ages so maybe he's onto something.

  2. I'm still confounded by the suggestion that they should do their utmost to look poor, but damn it, move to a wealthier suburb!

    Looking, err, 'wealthy', but living in the poorer suburbs is such an obvious mistake. Must be many a visitor or migrant who didn't have that rule explained to them Dan.

    Sorry, but I'm still shaking my head in disbelief that the head of our constabulary thought such nonsense, and then said it out loud - in front of people.

  3. On the face of it, it is very difficult to believe that a man capable of reaching his position would also be capable of making comments so outstandingly stupid. It does not compute. This is not ordinary, run of the mill, every day stupidity here. This is mindnumbing, truly exceptional, world class stupidity. This is the mother of all stupidity. This is stupidity on a level that all other stupidities can only aspire.

    Then I noticed it is a report in the Age which of course is the worst newspaper in the world and the worst english language newspaper in all of history. Therefore until further evidence proves the contrary I prefer to believe that this guy has been misquoted.

    The implications of it being true that he said that are too ugly to contemplate. Sacking would not be enough. Afterall what kind of system would have generated the appointment in the first place? No. It's unfortunate of course but
    there would have to be some kind of federal intervention, like what they used to have to do with the Victorian branch of the ALP every five years. The whole state of Victoria would have to be dissolved and made a federal territory ruled direct from Canberra. It would simply have to be recognised that Victorians are just not ready for responsible self government.

  4. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Well that's indeed, a poor show.

    I reckon the brown fellas should just walk around in the nude, that will protect them.

    I have never been attacked when naked - at least, not by anything human (I think).


  5. Oh, come on Geoff: you can't blame The Age for the existence of idiots! Truly you can't. And yet you did. Good for you.

    Justin - I have never mugged anyone, but given the choice between mugging a respectable fully clothed person person, and a pleasant looking naked person, I think I'd opted for the clothed person. More profitable that way too. Naked people aren't generally known for carrying much worth stealing around their person.

  6. Anonymous7:59 PM

    His comments aside, his is still the sexiest man alive.

  7. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Excuse the typo in my post - damn iphone!
    He is the sexiest man alive.

  8. Oooo-kay then.

    Someone out there is hugely attracted to Victoria's Police Chief Commissioner.

    Good for you.

    Best not tell his wife.

    Unless you are his wife, in which case: carry on, as you were.

  9. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Only in my dreams am I his wife.

    I did actually like your post, it was very well written.

  10. We all have our dreams Anon, and our quirky dreams are usually our most dear.

    Thank you for your comment. Alas, the world of real work prevents me from writing much of anything these days, apart from work things. My time for blithering on my blog to my heart's content has had to be put aside for necessary, less fun things.