January 1, 2010

Twenty Tens

Well, looky there: 01 01 2010.

A new day, a new year, a new decade.

So long to the noughties, which weren't, at least not especially, to my mind.

(Well, apart from the guy with the pumpkin, and the guy with the garden furniture, and the guy with the park bench, and the guy with the farm manure. They were all a bit naughty.)

Hello to the twenty tens.

Remember how, only yesterday, we were all going cockamamie over the beginning of a new millennium?

This is just like that, only smaller. One tenth the size.

Happy new year everyone. Happy new decade.

Hugs & Kisses & Best Ever Wishes


  1. On this side of the world we haven't kicked the decade out yet, but I wanted to come by and wish you a happy new year.

    Here's to 2010. May it be kind to us all.


  2. geoff8:09 AM

    Beware the decadium bug! At precisely midnight all our computers blew up and we are without light, power, transport, water, food, law ...

    I'm typing this by candlelight from the cave where I have moved the family. We have armed ourselves with rocks and big sticks ang there are marauding gangs of triumphant trolls everywhere.

    Prepare yourselves, our American friends! You don't have a moment to lose! It's anarchy! Anarchy I tell you!


  3. We're checking that everything is safe and ready for your arrival into the new decade Cubicle, the porch light will be on and a cool drink waiting.

    Geoff - put down the rocks and sticks! Did you pack a can of Mortein? Works fine on those decadium bugs. Failing that, step on them - they're slow bugs, can't even out run each other.