January 23, 2010

Creative thinkers

An analysis of 32 million online passwords has produced this top twenty list of those most commonly used:

1. 123456 (290,731)

2. 12345 (79,078)

3. 123456789 (76,790)

4. Password (61,958)

5. iloveyou (51,622)

6. princess (35,231)

7. rockyou (22,588)

8. 1234567 (21,726)

9. 12345678 (20,553)

10. abc123 (17,542)

11. Nicole (17,168)

12. Daniel (16,409)

13. babygirl (16,094)

14. monkey (15,294)

15. Jessica (15,162)

16. Lovely (14,950)

17. michael (14,898)

18. Ashley (14,329)

19. 654321 (13,984)

20. Qwerty (13,856)

I suppose the trillions of Jessica's will be thrilled to know that their name has not only been in the top ten of most dirt-common for nearly three decades, but is also in the top twenty most used passwords.

I don't know what explanation there could possibly be for 'Ashley' coming in at number 18. More Gone with the Wind fans in the world than we thought?

'Password', at number four, must be enough to make the collective IT industry weep.

Hacking online accounts is as easy as abc


  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    And I always thought passwords were private...mmmm


  2. They stole the 32 million passwords that were analysed Justin.

    Now, doesn't that make you feel all warm and secure?

  3. I heard one about a blonde who was having IT trouble. The tech asked for her password.

    "HueyDeweyLouieDonaldMickeyMinniePluto," she replied.

    "Why the long password?" the tech asked.

    The blonde looked confused: "Oh. I was told my password had to be six characters long."

  4. Hey Nora, hope you've been well & happy, nice to hear from you.

    Then there's the Irish version. Do Irish jokes trump blonde jokes? I've always been fond of Irish jokes.

    During a recent password audit at the Bank Of Ireland it was found that Paddy O'Toole was using the following password:


    When Paddy was asked why he had such a long password, he replied:

    ''Bejazus ! Are yez feckin' stupid ? Shore Oi was told me password had to be at least 8 characters long and include one capital.''

  5. I love it!

    Thank you, Nicky and I have been keeping well.

    Real life has soaked up so much time of late, but now things appear to be charting a more steady course, hence back into blogging at the Thin Man and updating Nifty Knick Knacks.

    I hope you and your loved ones are well too.

  6. We must be playing pass-the-baton Nora. I've been fully-occupied in the real world over the last six months, but cruising quite nicely. In the new year, however, cruising turned into warp speed. I've taken on some heavy going work - willingly!? - but it's strictly eat, sleep, work, not necessarily in that order. I'm hoping to come back up for air, oooh, some time in the next six months.

    Some tough times in the family last year, never ending stream of life-altering events, some happy, but many not. All quiet at the moment though, and very much hoping that this is a better year, a little more happiness and frivolity.

    Glad to hear that all is good in the world of Nicky & Nora.

    Alas, blogging is a 'luxury' activity at times ... I miss doing the rounds when time doesn't permit.