January 30, 2010

The big one

As you know by now - because it was HUMONGOUS news all over the world - Steve Jobs has even impressed himself with the release of the new and even bigger iPhone - the iPad.

Just like the baby-pad, the big-pad won't let you multi-task, and unlike the baby-pad, you won't be able to make a phone call using the big-pad.

It's so outrageously innovative and cool. Now we'll be able to surf the interwebs on a nice screen and everything. Oops, I mean one thing ... at a time.

So worth waiting for!


  1. The iPhone! The iPod! The iPad! What will they think of next - the iCouldcareless?

  2. Come on Timmy, the world of portable computing just changed forever, show a little enthusiasm.

    Oh, that's right: it's not actually a computer.

    Cool looking device though.


    And now the elderly finally have a portable device that they can use without needing instructions or a magnifying glass. Good on Jobs for addressing the needs of the older generations. Long overdue.