December 1, 2009

Shocked? Not this little black duck

Way back when, all the way back at the beginning of August, on this little blog:
"Notably, two articles in The Weekend Australia caught up, days late, with my thinking - woot! How nice to see that our top journo's are avidly reading and appropriating from this little blog, albeit, it takes them some time to get with the program.
For what it's worth, senior Labor strategists reckon they'll be fighting Abbott at the next election.
Well, yeah. Said that already, and one hardly needs to talk to a Labor strategist to come up with a bleedin' obvious outcome. The Monk will lead, one way or another. All he has to do is wait until the others fall over and skate to gold. Bit of a no brainer."
The only shock is that Julie Bishop still has a job. An ineffectual and invisible deputy leader isn't doing much to galvanism or inspire the Liberals or Liberal supporters.

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  1. Of course, no shock to Father Park either, he saw it coming too.