December 4, 2009

Mal & Mail

Malcolm Turnbull already has form when it comes to emails and leaks. You'd think he'd have learned a thing or two.

Not so.

Almost like - but not at all - Shane Warne and SMS, Mal can't keep his hands off the keyboard.

Seems that Julie 'she can't be rolled' Bishop is yeh typical two-faced pollie who thinks speaking with fork-tongue is part of her job description.

In leaked emails, written with rather too much deliberation, after Bishop and Turnbull had a "blazing row" over the Liberal leadership ballot, Turnbull ensures there are no ambiguities.

Naturally, Mal trots Lucy out in his newly acquired and annoyingly persistent two-for-one persona:
"He writes that he and his wife, Lucy Turnbull, were unable to reconcile Ms Bishop's public declarations of admiration for and loyalty to Mr Abbott with "what you were saying to us last night in our apartment ... your scathing attacks on him and his character".

"You would have been far better advised not to accept that role," Mr Turnbull concludes."
A new speed record for leaking of private emails?

Coinky-dink, I'm sure.

Turnbull & Bishop in blazing row

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