December 24, 2009

It will get even quieter

Can it possibly get any quieter around this place?

Well yes, it can. Thank you for asking.

If not for having such a probing, inquiring mind, the lack of transmissions while I step out for a bit might have come as a deep shock to you. So, all in all, it's an excellent thing that you dropped by and asked what the heck is going on.

Nothing. Pretty much nothing. Mostly sans a PC, things will be as quiet as a mouse around here.

I'm packing. I'm stepping away from the keyboard.

I won't be gone long, so you'll barely notice.

Heading to the coast. As one does when one is a little Aussie.


Bliss to you and yours too.

Remembering and forgetting.



  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too, Caz.

    Have a lovely holiday at the seaside.

  2. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Sheng dan kuai le - xin nian kuai le

    Have a happy and safe one Caz, and you can find your present here:

    I think your partner will just love to see you wearing it - often.


  3. OMG - that mistletow looks so real it's almost life-like Justin.

    Happy times for you too Kae & Justin - hope you both have a beaut break, a bit of relaxation, a bit of a laugh, a bit to drink - if the other two options fail.


  4. Anonymous1:05 PM

    You have be careful of the real stuff Caz- it can get a little prickly and we could never allow that, could we?