December 20, 2009

46,000 and nothing got done

Bad food, bad organization and bad attitudes aplenty.

Any wonder that nothing good came out of Copenhagen?

46,000 people gathered to achieve nothing. That's an awful lot of superfluous carbon emissions. Not that I'm counting.

It would seem that consensus science isn't as popular and compelling as the gullible youth of today, the pollies and the journo's keep pummeling into us.


  1. Quite the debacle eh.

    Oh, I knew nothing sensible was going to come of it, but they could of at least given the "impression of success". After all, wasn't that really and truly what they were trying to do?

    The conference PR people should be ashamed.

  2. A vexed issue is how some are describing it Dan.

    Have to agree.

    It is vexed when the whole world comes together on a matter - a first time ever togetherness - expecting to make a decision about something that might or might not happen 100 years hence.

    Add to that the haste in which the entire world believes a solution to a problem that will only potentially occur in 100 years time, and yes, indeedy-do, it's all a little fucking vexed.

    It should be.

    On the other hand, Copenhagen was more clown-school than a coming together of serious - vexed - minds.