November 27, 2009

The Multiverse Lives

It has been seven days and I have not posted live.

It has been seven days since I was thrown, without forewarning, out of the Interwebs.

For seven days and seven nights I have walked unhindered, uninterrupted, in the wilderness of the real world.

For roughly 4687 hours during the seven days and seven nights I have laboured over IP settings and stubbornly elusive router login pages.

It is know, for it is true, there are only so many times that a women can run ipconfig/renew before the women becomes a little tetchy.

And then there was system restore.

And then there was a sliver of light.

And then ipconfig/all provided the number that Nostradamus failed to foresee or record.

And then behold: the router login page!

And then, after more fucking around ...


The Multiverse, the Interwebs, it is a beautiful, beautiful thing.



  1. The internet is so much like the real world. Just when you think you've got it mastered and are happily wandering about in it...ZAP!


  3. Kath - hell yeah!

    Nice version, but nothing bests Leonard.

    Dan - well, not so much a ZAP. It's ... what shall we say ... an altogether more flaccid event when the Internet fails us.