November 11, 2009

Most important organ can be re-grown

Marvelous to hear that some scientists in the US are devoting time and resources to re-growing the most vital body part, particularly when said body part is so frequently lost, thereby ruining lives all over the damned place.

Yes gentleman, no matter your daily mishaps, science will soon be able to step in with a helping hand each time you lose your penis.

Today they've done it for rabbits, tomorrow they might do it for you.

Rabbits get new penises


  1. Do you suppose the chaps will be able to claim it on medicare?

    Oh there are a thousand crude comments all of which deserve to be posted right here right now.

  2. Claimable on Medicare?

    Good grief Dan!

    Of course it will be!

    Not only covered in full, but a 200% refund for pain and inconvenience, and a bonus 300% refund for men who choose to up-size. Larger peni are for the common good, after all.

  3. If they've scheduled Viagra, there can be little doubt such an essential procedure as Penis Replacement will get the nod.

    Helping hand?

    Oh Caz...!!!

  4. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I haven't lost my penis in a long time but if I lose it again and can't find it I was wondering if I can have a new made to order.

    I think a blue and orange one with black zebra stripes would look really hot.

    With my luck I'll probably end up with poor old Thumper's.


  5. So the songs about 'Detachable Penis' were right!

  6. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Don't let your doodle dangle in the dirt
    Put in your pocket where it won't get hurt
    If you haven't got a pocket put it in your shirt
    But don't let your doodle dangle in the dirt.

    I'm sure who ever wrote that one should know.


  7. Jacob - come on, you know what it's like, I couldn't not go there.


    *Deeply ashamed*

    Is it just my imagination, or has this little blog engendered an unseemly and/or disproportionate amount of touching poetry of late?