November 7, 2009

Miss USA - good clean fun

Carrie Prejean wanted more than a million dollars from the Miss California USA pageant organisers after she lost the Miss USA litle, ostensibly for expressing her religiously held belief that marriage was a gig restricted to men and women.

Nothing startling about her point of view, especially for a Christian. A pedestrian opinion, I would have thought.

Anyhoo, she sued the pageant folk for religious discrimination. Worth a whirl, I guess, under the circumstances, although they did lend her money for breast implants, with the directive that she couldn't possibly win the big title without the big silicone.

Prejean's law suit has quietly bitten the dust.

The pageant team waved about a homemade sex tape, in which Prejean stars.

Case closed.

Don't let your daughter's grow up to be pageant contestants. It's a dirty little business.

Oh, and yeah, we all want world peace and a cure for cancer and bigger breasts.


  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I don't want bigger breasts - I like mine the way they are.


  2. A man satisfied with the breasts he has?

    Now ain't that a fine sentiment.