November 4, 2009

Gorging on carbon

Not much of a news flash really, but much ado and speculation in print media that Al Gore will, possibly, become the world's first "carbon billionaire".

In case anyone is still wondering which came first - the PowerPoint presentation or the environmental investment companies - the latter preceded the first by many years.

By far the most impressively profitable set of misleading bullet points and false graphics ever to grace a set of slides.

Now, imagine the benefits to the world if Gore had turned his portable business case to something that is guaranteed to change the fabric of human existence, like peak oil, for example, and the graphically alluring precipitous decline after that much hypothesized point.

Could have, should have, didn't.

Dreaming up energy sources with energy density to match, or even come close to petroleum is a universe or two more challenging than conjuring global fear from an intangible element, along with an armful of Armageddon propositions against which no-one, apparently, is suitably qualified to argue.


  1. The greenbacks seem to be getting greener.

  2. Imagine the blowback if a picture of Al was added to the greenback, 'ey?

  3. It is far easier to peddle falsified data than to actually invent something tangible or to uncover phenomena that would really improve the state of the world.

    I can't wait for the global warming/climate change/green movement bubble to break. All of these hustlers will have green egg on their faces.

  4. Unfortunately there won't be any schadenfreude going around when egg hits face Cubicle, not after trillions of dollars are spent and global infrastructure is worn down, and economies and industries ruined, all for the arrogance and conceit of "reversing" the climate by one or two degrees 100 years hence so as to save 1000 or so lives a year.

    We will all pay, current and future generations, and hundreds of millions of lives will be lost in the process, as money is spent on the wrong things.