October 29, 2009

Permission granted to do as you please

As an atheist, I don't have any vested interest in anyone's inclination toward one or more gods, omnipotent, omnipresent or omniscient, nor do I carry about any angst over how others prefer to worship their god/s. So I'm bemused that the recent announcement of free and easy passage into the Catholic church for Anglicans was greeted with such excitement by some Anglicans, because, you know - umm, well - I'm pretty sure that people are free to come and go from any religion, so long as they jump through the designated hoops or whatnot. It's not as though anyone can force anyone to be - and stay - an Anglican.

"When the Vatican announced last week that it would welcome groups of traditionalist Anglicans into the Roman Catholic Church, leaders of one Episcopal parish celebrated as if a ship had arrived to rescue them from a drifting ice floe.

“We’d been praying for this daily for two years,” said Bishop David L. Moyer, who leads the Church of the Good Shepherd, a parish in the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia that is battling to keep its historic property. “When I heard the news I was speechless, then the joy came and the tears.”

Dude, seriously: nothing has been stopping you from converting to Catholicism if that truly was your preferred church.

It's a bit like Collingwood supporters waiting for Geelong to offer free memberships before they swap to their real team of choice. Buy your own membership already!

For an Episcopal Parish, a Path to Catholicism


  1. Some of us may be comforted to know atheism/agnosticism is no impediment to membership of the CofE.

    Those now flocking back to Rome should remember the former head of their Church, Henry VIII, would have had them in the Tower, condemned for Treason. Fortunately the present incumbent, Her Maj Liz II, really couldn't give a rat's arse.

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Maybe Mr Moyer is being ironic - which is highly likley cause he is a Yank.


  3. Which makes me a would-be Catholic Jacob?

    Good grief, I never knew they'd have me.

    Of course, as these things go, I would never join a church that would have me.

    Yes Justin, we all love a bit of American irony, can't get enough of it.