October 9, 2009

No Bel

Obama hasn't done anything yet. Nothing extraordinary.

The Nobel Peace prize becomes more cheapened every year. It's only rarely, once or twice a decade, tops, that a politician truly warrants consideration or deserves the honor.

Peace and diplomacy are in the job description and core KPIs for any politician, certainly for leaders. They get paid for doing this stuff.

I haven't noticed any increased levels in cooperation amongst peoples anywhere in the world since Obama took office.

At all.

Obama is the leader of the free world; he has made a few strategically generic decisions, statements and speeches, which is prosaic activity for the POTUS.

This is the equivalent of getting the prize for turning up at the office each morning.

For Obama, that entails walking all the way from the private quarters to the Oval Office.

I'm a little appalled at this decision.

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