October 14, 2009

Even spookier

In a new survey, the kiwi accent has been rated the most attractive and prestigious form of English outside the UK.

Britons responded to an online survey rating the prestige and social attractiveness of 34 different accents of English.

In the BBC survey, the kiwi “fush and chups” came seven places ahead of Australia’s “sex and Seedney” - and nine ahead of the American accent in terms of attractiveness.

This is akin to finding Danny DeVito hugely more attractive and sexually alluring than, say, Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt.

If ever we needed more proof that the British enjoy kinkiness that the rest of us just don't get ...

Brits rate kiwi English most attractive, prestigious outside UK


  1. There's definitely something about Johnny Depp.

    A bit young for me, but... I think it's his versatility - from Edward Scissorhands to the writer character that murdered his wife and buried her in the garden.

  2. geoff1:02 PM

    "In a new survey, the kiwi accent has been rated the most attractive and prestigious form of English outside the UK."

    I can understand that. New Zealanders speak a little slowly perhaps, by our standards. But to my ear at least the kiwi accent sounds almost identical to the upper class English accent.


  3. Anonymous7:59 PM

    So the upper English accent sounds a like a retarded hobbit. Funny that, for it sounds just like I did when I gave up scotch.

    Having said that I don't think I've ever met a Kiwi that I didn't get on with - although many do smell a bit like lanoline (especially when it rains) and for some reason they would never lend me their wellies - even when I begged. But I suppose no one is perfect, except Krudd and Bawreck Obumma.


  4. Geezus!

    I've just discovered that the bloody things have only three toes. Protected birds with three toes?

    Could it be .. surely no ... it couldn't be .. it must be ...

    They're not New Zealanders afterall! They're Tasmanians!


  5. J.D isn't that young Kae, he's in his mid-40's, or so, now. Can't even pass as toyboy material!

    Justin - I don't think I've ever been close enough to a Kiwi to smell that lanoline.

    The accent is hideous! HIDEOUS! Only out-done it the HIDEOUS accent stakes by white South Africans.

    OK. There. I've said it. With flat wide vowels.