September 25, 2009


All of the gaming consoles in America use about the same amount of electricity each year as the whole of San Diego.

Also in the US, households now contain about 25 consumer electronic products, compared to just three in 1980.

Energy needed to run appliances has decreased, thanks to legislation, but no one has mandated energy efficiency for "gadgets", the latter category including energy guzzling flat screen televisions.

Just as we're daily being exhorted to reduce, reduce, reduce our electricity consumption, life is such that there's almost nothing we do that doesn't require energy.

Remember when making a phone call or reading a newspaper didn't entail using electricity?

Yep. It wasn't that long ago folks. And look at us now.

We may as well hook ourselves up to a power grid IV drip.

No need to guess the nightmare of energy dependent humans trying to figure out, some time in the future, how to get through a day with no gadgets, no electricity.

Meanwhile, despite there being no pig to human or human to pig transmission of swine flu, Egypt went ahead and needlessly killed 300,000 pigs earlier this year. Now the blow-back of that irrational act: piles and piles and piles of rotting garbage in the streets of Egypt. The pigs used to be excellent garbage disposal units.

Plugged-in age feeds a hunger for electricity

Belatedly, Egypt spots flaws in wiping out pigs

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