September 11, 2009

Are we sentivitve or what?

Yet more leadership and sensitivity from the Australian media!

There is no end to our bravery!

Announcing to the whole world that an 18 year old girl is a hermaphrodite, this information stemming from a unofficial leaked report, before the lass has been informed, counseled, or in any manner consulted about whether she wants to share, with every stranger on Earth, the state of her sexual organs - jeez our journalistic standards know no bounds. Really. None.

BTW folks, look out for all the assumptions around the amount of testosterone naturally being generated by the not yet officially confirmed testes tucked away, and therefore plying the lady with an unfair advantage: just because testosterone is being released doesn't mean it's all available for use by the body. Hormone level, and therefore the benefit of that hormone, is affected by binding proteins and whatnot (the latter being the technical medical term, for our purposes).

Caster Semenya - World champ's gender mystery solved


  1. O ye gods!

    I saw a teaser on the teev today announcing A Current Affair (or some such) will EXPOSE Australia's rudest taxi driver. Such fearlessness...

  2. Without disrespecting Semenya, after all we are still talking about a PERSON here regardless of gender classification, the media certainly loves to present us with a freakshow don't they.

  3. Jacob - hmm, probably the same taxi driver featured in the Sunday Herald Sun today (which makes having to watch ACA on Monday night redundant). Shock horror: over the last umpteen years he's had, ooh, at least a handful of complaints lodged against him for being rude to customers. Wow. I'm appalled that this type of behavior goes on in the world. Where are the laws to stop it?

    Rude, bad tempered taxi drivers: what next, drunk passengers?!

    Dan - yes, they do like a bit of freakishness with their news.

    The repellent and always unacceptable line crossed in this instance is the indefensible breach of privacy of a young woman.

    It's not as though we're talking about an old and ugly pollie fucking someone young enough to be his daughter ...