August 19, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

But if conformity has its dangers, so has nonconformity. Some "advanced thinkers" are of opinion that anyone who differs from the conventional opinion must be in the right. This is a delusion; if it were not, truth would be easier to come by than it is. There are infinite possibilities of error, and more cranks take up unfashionable errors than unfashionable truths.

Bertrand Russell


  1. Shit Yeah! One has to go no further than the Rudderless one. He who apologised to our indigeneous people.
    Certainly was a fuckin' useless (feelgood) exercise, wasn't it?

    Full of hot air! Rudd's contribution to global warming is increasing by the day!

    Meanwhile, life goes on..

  2. Nearly $700M allocated to build news houses in the NT Kath. Eighteen months later, not one house started, but tens of millions spent on public servants and consultants.

    *Scratches head*

    Might be time to say "sorry" right about now.

    *Hmm ... premature apology*