August 1, 2009

I now pronounce you bangers & mash

The ALP National Conference has, in the way of all good committees, produced a camel with two legs and horizontal strips, to be known as a camnot.

The ALP has declined to pursue legalisation of gay marriage, however they have removed, from their platform, reference to marriage being between a man and a woman.

So as not to offend anyone, marriage will henceforth take place between a --- and a ---.
"the language in the ALP national platform section on same-sex couples will be rewritten to make it clear that while Labor still regards marriage as that defined in the Marriage Act - that is between a man and a woman - the actual words man and woman were removed."
Only a dunce would consider this to be a fruitful or useful development.

Contrary to The Age headline (below), the government has, it would seem, agreed to bend over.

Government refuses to bend on gay marriage


Getting slightly wackier, a gay marriage protest held in Melbourne yesterday was somewhat tainted by a woman - yes a woman! - raining on the parade by expressing out loud the oddness of gay folk desperately wanting to be part of the patriarchal slave trade club.

"Providing a reality check, Radical Women spokeswoman Alison Thorne told the Melbourne rally that marriage was an oppressive institution designed to condemn women to lives of slavery, but same-sex couples should nevertheless be equally entitled to it. She then led the crowd in a chant: ‘‘Kevin Rudd, ALP, we demand equality.’’

What do we want? Equal opportunity for participation in man made oppressive institutions!

When do we want it? Right now!

Wedding protest sealed with a kiss


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    OK let's get go down on the nitty gritty.

    What about hermaphrodites? If a hermaphrodite married another hermaphrodite would that be a gay/homo marriage?

    And if a hermaphrodite married a man or women would that be a blended marriage – hetero with a splash of gay – heteromo marriage

    Those poor hermaphrodites must felt totally left out.

    I’m guuna marry my dog, or better still my fridge; I bet no one would give a stuff – I don’t but me fridge is packing death.


  2. Blended marriages?

    Now that would be a human rights movement worthy of a banner creation.

    BTW - you're in for a chilly marital arrangement; stock up on thermal underwear Justin.