July 14, 2009

No civil overthrow ... yet

"The author of this site does not advocate the violent overthrow of the US Government or any other lawfully constituted government...yet."

So goes the disclaimer at the blog Rebellion University .


I was even more relieved to read the post from a few days ago, Pulse of the Rebellion:

"We all have at least one neighborhood kid that we thought was a little off, then he went to college and learned all about how the rich white man is evil. We wanted to kill that kid earlier, but were constrained by law. If that kid comes back to town waving a sign and throwing Molotovs, I'm going to cap him and then get a high five from the police. There is no down side to this.

Lots of reasonable people have been preparing for the bad times and hoping to not have to shoot law enforcement officers and good, honest, young military men. This is completely different. No one will lose any sleep about killing hippies."

The other good news is that the prices of firearms and ammunition in the US are falling, so it's a beaut time to stock up.

Happy times!

Don't forget the many other community services hand delivered to you by this very blog, such as a link to the Survival Blog (over on the right there, in the alphabetically arranged list), without which you would be perpetually under-prepared for the end of the world as we know it.

For example, have you been practicing going about your everyday business wearing your protective mask?

"In my experience, it takes time to acclimate to wearing a respirator mask. There is no substitute for hours in a mask. Particularly for a full-face military mask, and even more so for a full MOPP suit, limited field of vision, dehydration, claustrophobia and sensory deprivation are well-known effects, but heat build-up up is also an issue, particularly in summer weather. In full-face masks, being deprived of prescription lenses is also an issue, unless you have a prescription lens inserts. (BTW, these hard-to-find inserts are available from JRH Enterprises.) Also be particularly wary of dehydration. Even with masks that include a drinking tube, most wearers have a tendency to drink less than usual.

The bottom line: Practice wearing a mask regularly, in a variety of activities."


You can never have too many guns and you can never be too prepared for the end of the world.

(Via the lurverly Kath, who drew my attention to Rebellion University.)


  1. "The author of this site does not advocate the violent overthrow of the US Government or any other lawfully constituted government...yet."

    Like I said... Chilling...

  2. The American psyche is a far more complex thing than is often credited Kath.

    The dichotomies running through the history, politics and culture of the US are myriad and seemingly intractable. But life's like that.

    Sometimes makes me think, you know, Islam gets the shits because Americans are successful, wealthy, happy, and the women won't cover their faces.

    I mean, sheesh, really, if you want to get the shits with American, truly, there are so many far more deserving reasons for throwing the odd tanty (expressed with peace & concern, of course).