June 6, 2009

Indians flee vile Oz for the comfort of caste system

As well as being the swine flu capital, Melbourne has recently become the racist capital.

We're so proud.
"In fact, I have encountered the worst form of discrimination, and most varieties of it, in my own country, India, where people are discriminated against on the basis of almost every difference: race, cast, class, gender and sexual orientation. So it is indeed puzzling that news about Australia being racist is reaching epic proportions in countries that can hardly claim to be any better.

Going through the reports, it amused me to think of how many Indian students are bashed up on Delhi Metro, the Indian capital's new rail network, and how they never make news. In late 2008, after an increase in crime on Delhi Metro, the authorities started a 24-hour customer care and complaints cell. As many as 71 offenders were fined or punished in one month for crimes ranging from sexually harassing women passengers to bashing and mugging lone male passengers at night. None of these attacks made headlines, but an Indian student being assaulted in Melbourne, tagged a racist threat, results in a media feast"
Notably, none of our local news reports have gone to the trouble of telling us how many non-Indians are bashed in Melbourne each week, nor how many non-Indians have their iPods or laptops stolen. I'm guessing 99.99999% of such victims are not young Indian men.

But lets not murky an hysterical story with statistics.

And lets especially not miss a good opportunity to remind the world that only white folk are racist. No-one else. Just us wayward white folk.

Don't believe the media hype

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