May 13, 2009

Plucky little Aussies

As happens so frequently, Australians are again to be found in the blush-making position of showing up the rest of the world - punching above our weight (a favorite Antipodean past time).

According to our Treasurer - and he, of all people, should know - Mr Swan:
"Others may be overwhelmed by the scope and the ferocity of the biggest
global downturn in memory," he soothed, "but Australians are too strong,
too resilient and too united to be overwhelmed."
Gawd our peoples are ƒυςќing fantastic.

Putting on a brave face, but never mentioning the war


  1. I think that comments like that inspire calls for immediate drug testing of Parliamentarians. He's got to be on LSD or cane toad venom - because he's certainly lost all hold on reality.

  2. Perhaps a simple breath test, administered by the local constabulary, prior to the Treasurer rising to present the budget would prevent future embarrassments?