May 30, 2009

Blog Alert - for our Australian troops

Nilk, Kae and Boy on a Bike have, by the miracle of IVF and a perverted surrogacy arrangement, given birth to an attractive and handy dandy blog.

Unlike in the US, we Aussies are a tad sedated about supporting our men and women serving in harsh and far flung countries.

Perhaps you've never felt an urge to parcel up a packet of Twisties and a good brand of instant coffee for our boys in Afganistan or Iraq, or other random spots in the world where our forces serve long and hard, but don't let that stop you. You have the thought now, don't you?

To make this little adventure easier, our three Aussie blogger friends are providing step by step instructions for everyone, from box type, food weights and address information.

Yes, truly, you can send an unknown soldier a box of treats to lift their spirits as they serve in your name and mine.

Once would be nice. Once is good.

Or twice.

Make it a binannual good deed, a minor thing you can organize when you're doing your own shopping - see, you don't even have to go out of your way.

Perhaps you'll find it so much fun putting care and thought into your soldier parcel that you'll want to do it more often.

The box costs you, the contents of the box will cost you a few dollars extra when you go to the supermarket, but the postage is gratis, not a cent from your pocket, just a trip to the local Australia Post retail outlet.

Does it get any better or easier than that?

Hell no!

And let's not forget a warm and hearty shout out to Nilk, Kae and Boy on a Bike for initiating a long overdue blog to support Australian forces in such a meaningful way. On ya guys!

Ocean, Sky and Khaki - Supporting our Australian Forces


  1. Thanks for the shout, Caz. :)

    Good to see you're still out there, too.