May 20, 2009

A 'bit silly’

A 21 year old rapper was shot in the head and killed as he was standing outside an LA shopping mall.

In general, being shot in the head with a bullet and not getting up again is fairly compelling evidence of being a) shot; and b) dead.

Not according to our local broadsheet.

Clearly uncertain about the confluence of heads, bullets and death, The Age offered up this headline:

Rapper 'shot dead' at Los Angeles shopping mall

Meanwhile, this hyperlink heading from the Herald Sun was indisputably accurate (an unusual feat for our beloved tabloid):

Australian swine flu cases triple

True, they have. Be alarmed! We’ve jumped all the way from one confirmed case to three.

And in oddly subdued, that is, non-headline grabbing news, Sol Trujillo quietly slipped out of the country last Thursday, more than a month ahead of his official notice period.

Not working out his resignation added a cool three million dollars to his termination package.

Yep, Sol's final insult to Telstra and to Australia was be be given three million to not work at Telstra for six weeks.

Half a million a week.

To not turn up at the office.

Hell. I could have done that job. For half the price.


  1. Why can't I get a package like that?

  2. geoff7:52 AM

    I never liked that guy. Not from the first day he blew in.

  3. geoff8:09 AM

    Notice that The Age published the "Dolla took a bullet in the head" story in its Entertainment section?

    Apparently the dozens of shoppers, including tourists and kids, who witnessed the murder are still applauding.

    I wonder what sort of encore The Age is expecting?