March 29, 2009

Ruddles riddiculed

Therese Rein: perpetual fashion tragic.

Performing on the international stage has never looked so challenging.

Rudd can do a beaut fandango in China when he wheels out his Mandarin speaking credentials, but it's a lonely party trick.

Wife Rein has been rubbished for her ruffled cuffs, looking sillier than Seinfeld in the puffy shirt episode. Therese was all decked out to perform a few clown tricks of her own to entertain the underprivileged kiddies when she visited Harlem. There is much to be said for a fashion statement that diverts attention from one's lesser features. We can only imagine that Therese has determined that her only good feature is her hands and she's working them!

PM Rudd, meanwhile, is being dismissed by the British press with nothing more than a few swipes of pithy ridicule.

"Style: charisma-free zone best known for drunken trip to a New York strip club," was how one newspaper described the Australian leader.

Under the "distinguishing features" of the leader it records: "cool exterior belies inner chaos. May wear RM Williams boots."

When the Ruddles were in the US (now touched down in London), Obama spent the bare minimum of time with Rudd that diplomatic decorum requires, canceling their lunch and handing him over to Hillary for the breaking of bread instead.

Rudd will need to pull some magic out of Rein's cuffs for the G20 schmooze, otherwise this OS trip will be damned with much feint praise: an embarrassing failure, in other words.


  1. Pinky and Perky,(The porcine puppets, who had only very limited movements) sure do make a good pair.

    Rein is definitely "Perky."

    'Cause everytime I see her in a new outfit it just makes me wanna *perk!(*regurgitate, to those of you who may not be familiar with that slang term)

  2. The over-kill on big buttons, ginormous lapels and distracting frills are wearing, err, a bit thin on our Rein, Kath.

    She's well plumped, but sheesh, she's not the size of the grand canyon, she doesn't need all those large and carelessly placed design diversions.

    Someone should make an emergency call to Trinny and Susannah while she's in Britain.

    On the other hand, nothing can save our blandly verbose PM. Unless Carson is a dab hand at tszujing personalities?

  3. Anonymous8:52 PM

    I want one of those puffy shirts. It would be just the thing to wear to a very cheap cafe. At least you would have something to wipe your face and blow your nose with if need be - sniff.


  4. I was thinking dusting and polishing Justin, such a time saver.

    Imagine how helpful Rein would have been running up and down the stairs at the White House and scooting around the china rooms if she'd worn this little number?

  5. I would like Therese to do some cooking with that shirt, preferably something involving a fatty piece of meat on the grill.

  6. Watching Therese do the dishes after wards would also be a fun past time Cube. Scrub with one frill, dry with the other?

  7. OMG Where did you find that pic?
    I looked all over for that outfit.

    It's dreadful, isn't it?

  8. "There is much to be said for a fashion statement that diverts attention from one's lesser features."

    Well, nobody would be looking at Kevin with her decked out like that... was he even with her?

  9. sorry, sorry, sorry

    Trinny and Susannah

    Yeah! Definitely! Needed! Pronto!

  10. Kae - I meant to link to a whole slide show of Therese's fashion adventures, then forgot. I expect the link will turn up again when yet another worthy snap is captured. Alas, she will be lining up with other wives over there in London sometime this week, so we shouldn't have to wait long.

    Hmm, perhaps it's all a ruse: if everyone is busy mesmerized by what the wife is wearing no one will notice what Rudd says?