March 24, 2009

Party, party, party!

Australia gave the world Earth Hour, but now we redeem ourselves by giving the world the first ever Climate Sceptics political party.

"Scepticism is the highest of duties, and blind faith the one unpardonable sin.” - Thomas Huxley

  • Dedicated to expose the fallacy of Anthropogenic or man-made Global Warming (AGW)
  • Committed to oppose all forms of a Carbon Tax including all Carbon Trading Schemes
  • Pledged to resist all climate-related Government policies that are not based on independent and verifiable science
Notice their aversion to action words ending in "ing"?

Now we sit back and wait - sceptically, of course - to see if they do anything.

A web site isn't a major achievement, not even in politics, and the bar is set quite low in that sphere.

The Climate Sceptics

(alerted via Kae's blog)

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