March 24, 2009

Outlaw bikies alarmed at violent streak

Australia's largest and busiest international airport.

Broad daylight.

Security standing about the place.

Man bashed to death in full view of security and civilian witnesses.

Australian Federal Police arrive on the scene a minute after it's all over.

And just so you know you're not alone in your concerns: traditional outlaw bikie gangs in NSW are alarmed at the violent behaviors of new gangs, one of which has its own peculiar traditions, such as driving 4WDs with tinted windows instead of motor bikes.

No members of non-traditional gangs partook in the airport murder.

The man killed was not known to be a bikie.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of dollars spent every year on catching and preventing terrorists and women with cosmetics in their handbags doing any damage via our airports and the AFP can't get a handle on a straight forward punch up between a small number of bikies in the arrivals lounge.

Feeling safe and comfortable yet?

Call for national ban on bike gangs

Could have been terrorists

Battle cry [huh?!] that led to a brutal killing

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Sydney airport in the dark on bikie threat

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