March 22, 2009

Not enough people in the world

Russia is worried about not having enough people.

To boost numbers they've spent $300M to date to scour the world and lure Russians or their descendants back to the homeland.

The only criteria are that the returning Russians / descendants must be able to speak Russian and have a healthy appreciation for the local society and culture.

So far more than 10,000 have taken up the offer. An estimated 25 million people scattered across the globe might be eligible to make the move.

A sturdier Russia beckons its children home


  1. Must speak russian? So they get to pick their immigrants, but we are criticized if we don't take any flotsam that makes its way to our shore and we must cater to them in whatever native tongue they spew and we must provide living expenses, health care, and educate their children at our expense.

    In any event, I think you'd have to have rocks for brains if you move to russia.

  2. Well, they're not just hand picking them Cube, what the article fails to mention is any reward being offered. I'm figuring part of the budget must include financial incentives. People surely aren't moving back just because some random Russian bureaucrat made the suggestion, with a glossy brochure in hand. :-)

    I'm just perpetually amused by the global environmental hysterics and the call to cull the human population since, as always, "there are too many people on this god-damned planet!", and yet, Russia is not the first or only country dreadfully worried about being under-populated. The irony is never lost.