February 7, 2009

The ultimate oops

A Serbian man is recovering in hospital after accidentally cutting off his penis and (accidentally?!) flushing the severed appendage down the toilet.

Deliberate attempts to retrieve his manhood from the town's main drains failed.


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    What a clutz ! !

    Next time he should be more careful about placing his appendages in proximity to sharp implements whilst standing over the dunny bowl.

    Though there could be a movie deal in this: Finding Percy.

  2. Does take "clumsy" to a whole new level Jacob.

    (Perhaps he was a fastidious chap and took his ablutions a tad too far?)

  3. Let this be a lesson: never attempt to cook sausages in a nudist colony. This is the inevitable result.

  4. Still not explaining the toilet / flush (oh oops) Timmy.

    Albeit, definitely a sausage sign worth having on a wall near every BBQ, nudist colony or not.