February 27, 2009

Pick the organ grinder

Channel 7 breakfast show host (now that's a job to aspire to), financial adviser, and close bud of one Kev Rudd, has been appointed to the Federal government's organ donation advisory council.

It's not the token sum payable for attending two meetings a year that bothers me.

Since when the fuck did David Koch become an expert in organ donations?

"A spokesman for the Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Jan McLucas, said the advisory council had significant responsibilities.

"The People involved have been chosen because of their expertise and longstanding commitment to improving organ donation rates in Australia"

David Koch on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's payroll


  1. Jobs for the boyz Caz.
    It was ever thus.
    Just about had it up to the eye teeth with Rudd and Swan.
    Am warming a bit to Julia Gillard though. She's the only sentient being in the bunch.

  2. Anonymous11:03 PM

    I can imagine the reaction had John Howard appointed Alan Jones to a similar post. Doesn't change my opinion of Rudd, though: he was never a bright light in my eyes.


  3. LOLz

    He wants to be on the inside when a brain becomes available.

    Koch is a fool.

    Hey, looks like Channel 9 is starting up Sunday again, on a Sunday evening before 60 Minutes.

  4. Hee hee - lurvely alias Dylan.

    Good analogy too. Indeed, the uproar would have been deafening. Which only serves to remind us of Rudd's tin ear.

    There will be the usual denials that Rudd had anything to do with the appointment, blah, dee, blah.

    I'm positive there are many hundreds of appropriately qualified candidates around Australia if they felt the need for a community or media/PR representative on the council.

    They're astonishingly lame Kath. (Try thinking about Rudd's upcoming get together with Obama. A meeting of peers? Snigger.)

    Gillard: geez I wish the woman would take elocution lessons though. Heard her on the news the other night and I swear her drawl has become more agonized than it was 12mths ago.

  5. That would only be good - the Sunday program, not Koch getting a new brain - if they don't mess with what they had Kae.

    It was the only current affairs show of consistent excellence on telly. Couldn't believe the buggers axed it. Talk about saving money in all the wrong places.

    I will be delighted if they bring it back at a time when I can be sure of being awake.

    Guess they want to knock off the new show on Channel 7 at that same time slot. Cool. Works for me!

  6. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Sunday was always worth watching. We didn't always catch it (Sunday mornings are not always easy to catch after Saturday nights...) but it was serious, professional current affairs. There's a lot of Sunday-style programs on over here and they are great viewing - lets hope Sunday-on-Sunday-night is as good as Sunday-on Sunday-morning.

  7. We're pretty much rooted for serious current affairs programs Dylan.

    Four Corners is still around, of course, but seems to have lost its edge, and in any case is investigative, rather than "current" - it has a unique place on telly, no competition.

    ABC is giving some other formats a shot, like "Q&A", which I think clashes with something dreadfully entertaining on commercial telly, 'cause I always *forget* to watch. But it's a talking head / panel set up, so doesn't do the same job.

    Nah. We got nothin'.

    Pathetic really.

  8. Anonymous1:46 AM

    The lack of programming is proabably something to do with the contribution we make to pmaying for it all. From memory the price for ther ABC was something like 8 cents a day per person (?). Here we pay about €1 per day for the public channels per household, equivalent to about $1 per day per person in our house. It's a tax that is accrued depending on how many TVs you have in your house (you have more than one, you pay more than once) and is far higher than what you pay for public TV in Australia.

    Yes, we do get more TV stations (the $1 per person per day pays for the F2, F3, F4, F5 and M6 channels) but you also pay a lot more for them - and, of course, you might be able to get five public channels at once but you can only watch one. :)

    That said, the current affairs shows are really excellent. Lots of undercover stuff (not ACA or TT style) and lots of deep, commercial-free investigations.

  9. Ever since he sold his soul to Kerry Stokes and the 7 Network, Kochý's had a keen interest in organ donation, both physical and metaphysical.

  10. Never knew you were a connoisseur of vodka Dylan.

    Our deficit in decent news / current affairs mostly rests with the commercial channels Dylan, they're all lowest common denominator now. Even the news services are lame. SBS does a good job, but that's about it. Mind you, newspapers are going much the same way, fewer staff, no time or money for serious investigative pieces, no chasing after news, passive recipients.

    Timmy - You mean there was a better version of Koch prior to signing up with 7? I'm having trouble believing that.