February 10, 2009

A little bit of something in between

Intriguing result from a US survey:

1. Which of the following is most likely to occur to the planet Earth ... a period of dangerous global warming, a dangerous ice age, or something in between?

29% Period of dangerous global warming
5% Dangerous ice age
52% Somewhere in between
14% Not sure

Did you notice that 52% of people are rolling the dice and betting on a period of dangerously in between-ness?

When it comes to climate, I would have thought a little, or a long, bit of "something in between" would be excellent, comforting, secure, middling, mild, happy. A little bit of "just right".

Ah well.

Less puzzling is that the same house of surveying of humans found that only 36% of people agree that Al Gore has a clue.

Rasmussen Reports


  1. I wonder where all these surveys come from and just how reputable they are.

  2. This lost have a professional paid service, and have the results published in reputable US newspapers, so they must have some appropriate credentials. At least they appear to do proper random sampling, which puts them a league ahead of media run surveys. They might need lessons in how to frame questions, but that's true of almost any survey - there's always a clunker or leading questions tucked into the mix.