December 1, 2008

New euphemism

Not formally in office yet, but our newly minted* Melbourne mayor is off to a flying start with a newly minted euphemism:

"I am a bit sick of really badly talented buskers, let me tell you" Robert Doyle told a local radio station.

So, there ya go: with that pronouncement our mayor will set out to rid our fine city of "badly talented" buskers.

He also sounds hell bent on ridding us of many treasured locals and along with frequent visitors from the outer 'burbs:

"I don't want the city to be a bogan magnet" he was further quoted as saying.

Okey dokey.

(*Well, all rather recycled really. A failed would-be premier finally wins an election, as the local city mayor. Not even a second prize. Sort of a booby-prize as far as political careers go. As if our third tier of government wasn't sufficiently third rate already.)

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