December 16, 2008

Last chance power drive

A one year contract for Ben at the Tigers.

Richmond puts faith in Cousins


  1. I just knew that you would post on Ben, Caz.

    I am very happy for him.

    I really do hope that he does well at Richmond.

    He may be a pain in the arse, but everyone deserves a second chance.

    Pleased too, that Ben is far away from the unsavoury influences of the west.

    I for one, will be rootin' for him.
    Heh heh heh.

  2. Ah, damn, I'm getting so predictable in my old age, none of that spontaneous, random insanity left in this little ol' blog Kath.

    Can't claim to have a soft spot for Benny boy, despite the swagger & pretty boy looks. All the same, I do feel a deep sense of outrage, even righteous indignation, that a footy player has been, and continues to be, held to a higher standard than any of us. The notion that he should be punished for the remainder of his life was deeply unsettling.

    There are drunks, addicts, pedophiles, even murderers, leading their lives, holding onto their jobs, no one knows or cares. Even if found out, most of them still wouldn't lose their jobs. Contrary to the claim in a letter from some twit the other day insisting that drug addicts in any other field lose their jobs - HUH! - what a load of crap. The world is full of many respectable cocaine / heroin / ecstasy / dope abusers & addicts. They almost never lose their jobs, unless they go publicly loopy and get found out.

    No Kath. It would have been an ugly, ugly day if Ben had not been given the chance to play again, a great, and greatly petty, injustice.

    Good on Richmond for stepping up, they make the other handful of clubs that had a possible spare place look like moral cowards.

    I don't care for Ben but I care for his well being, his future, the injustice of it all. His contract is only one year, so he's on a short tether. I hope he does well, or at least well enough.

    Oh, and not least of my outrage is due to so much of this being driven by politicians (federal) who demanded and blackmailed the ALF into this "zero tolerance" on illicit drugs, as if ALF players had the safely and well being of the universe in their hands, so much depends on them not having a line of speed, hey?