December 26, 2008

Days like this

There are days when you know with absolute certainty that you're in the wrong job.

There wouldn't be many executives in the financial industry who would ever have that thought, not when they're paid so handsomely and pampered and coddled, all while accepting billions in bailout money from sucker taxpayers.

"Goldman Sachs' tab for leased cars and drivers ran as high as $US233,000 ($340,000) per executive. The firm told its shareholders this year financial counselling and chauffeurs gave executives more time to focus on their jobs.

JPMorgan Chase chairman James Dimon ran up a $US211,182 ($310,000) private jet travel tab last year when his family lived in Chicago and he was commuting to New York. The company got $US25 billion ($36.6 billion) in bailout funds."

Imagine how ugly the whole GFC would look if the poor little darlings had not been capable of being focused on their awfully important jobs.

Bailout bank bosses lavished with bonuses

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