November 4, 2008

Stop the nation!

Forget the US election, there are other more important reasons for a nation to stop, like our Melbourne Cup.

As always, I'm predicting a horse will win.


  1. And I know which one will win!

    The one that crosses the finish line first.

    See, I can be just as silly as you, Caz.

  2. Except when two cross the line at the same time Kath!

    Beaut race, real ripper.

    I didn't place a bet this year, had my list of horse, then thought: nah, no clue, I'll pass. Right thing too. None of my picks would have come in. Didn't spend a cent, didn't lose. A winner of a day!

  3. Mind you, it doesn't take much for me to be silly!!!

  4. Phone rang just before I posted that last comment Caz so you sneaked in before me.

    We have a family sweep, Rory's Mum presides. I drew the winner(first time) yippee!!!

  5. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I thought is was next Tuesday.

  6. You'd almost be right Justin, at least about there being a next Tuesday. There always is, unless humans are wiped out, in which case it might still happen, but there would be no-one to call it Tuesday, or next.

  7. Anonymous6:59 PM

    If there was no on left on Earth to witness next Tuesday would it still happen?

    Methinks I better set up a preservation society for Tuesdays.

    Do they have Tuesdays on Mars, or Pluto or?