November 16, 2008

Here's looking at Pegusus

Youthful planetary system captured by Hubble.

Here ...


  1. Aaaarrrrhhhhhhh, make it stoooppppp!!!

    (BTW - they could afford to grow facial hair back then, but looks to me like money for undies was a lacking.)

  2. There are band coaches?

    Holy cow!

  3. Awesome pics, Caz.
    As for Pegasus, I guess Ross Ryan really felt like he was flying when he was on the meth. Lol!
    Bit like Harry Chapin "flying in his taxi"

  4. He really gets into the spirit of things in that video. He tosses his hair about like he's a horse. Maybe he thinks it makes him sing the song better?

  5. The hair, the jangly scrotum (didn't anyone watch the other video?), the beards, the brain-defying lyrics: err, those days aren't really gone, are they?

    Difference now is that we get it in color.