October 25, 2008

Would you

Mooted on and off for some years now, and firming up as a genuine possibility, at least in mice: med's to block nasty memories.

Would you take a little pill to block out something from your past?

What is the ethical basis of allowing people to take a little pill to help them get over a broken relationship, for example? A fairly trite and normal life event, relatively.

Where does one draw an invisible line that designates some life events too painful to live with, allowing science will step in and take the memory away?

(You know, like if McCain becomes POTUS, and 49% of Americans want to wipe out the ideological sting, the offence, to make life bearable for the next four years.)

With squillions of people in developed countries already medicated to the eyeballs, and, one could argue, already detached, their existence already mediated by pharmaceuticals, how much further do we take it?


  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    The past is finished - no worries. I take drugs to lock out memories of the future.

  2. Yet there are gullible people who would pay you handsomely (or handsomely pay you) to be told all about your memories of the future.

  3. There's a pill in every black beer...