October 11, 2008

Palin into oblivion

An investigation had found that GOP vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin abused her position as Alaska governor by pressuring officials to sack a state trooper once married to her sister.

A 263-page report released by Alaska's Legislative Council concludes that Palin violated state ethics rules governing public officials.

Anyone want to start taking election outcome bets?

I'm suddenly up for it.


  1. There are always two sides to every story:

    "Clinton supporter Larry Johnson from No Quarter, cuts through all the legalese and gets to the heart of the matter, when he puts it all in terms any family man can understand:

    Let’s look at this trooper’s record and start with the fact that the investigation of Wooten, which led to his dismissal suspension , started before Sara Palin was elected Governor. And this is not just some messy case of he said/she said. Turns out the Wooten was an out of control law enforcement officer. An investigation of his conduct concluded that he was guilty of the following:

    Three incidents of Unbecoming Conduct
    Three incidents of Personal Misconduct
    One incident of Failure to Perform Duties Properly, Use of Government Property
    Two incidents of Conformance to Laws
    One incident Use of Alcohol
    One incident Operation to Be Prudent and Lawful

    These violations included using a taser on his ten-year old stepson, shooting a cow moose without a valid permit, and drinking beer while operating a marked Alaska State Trooper vehicle. (The dude sounds like the cop Seth Rogen played in Superbad.)

    If you want to make the case that Palin’s husband should have ignored this clown, who reportedly made threats against the family, then you live in a world I do not know and I do not care to know. I don’t want drunken, angry, law-breaking assholes running around with a gun and."

    I think this one is another media beat up Caz.

    Personally, I think it was too much of a risk to parachute Palin in as VP.

    The republicans, have got the mix all wrong.
    Poor old McCain at 72, could drop off the perch at anytime, and greenhorn Sarah Palin would be his successor.
    They are certainly making it hard for themselves I reckon.

  2. Can't agree this is a beat-up Kath, the media didn't invent this. There was a legal enquiry, which produced a nearly 300 page report - about Palin's actions & behaviors. The enquiry was about Palin's conduct as an elected official, not about the ex-brother-in-law.

    Doesn't really matter what he did or does, he wasn't an elected official, nor was the enquiry about him.

    Sounds as though he should have been removed from his job long before he was, under perfectly ordinary employment terms. But even then, I can't really say. If all of those incidents occurred over, say, twenty years (I don't know how long he was employed), it's probably not how it appears and is a media beat-up. Don't know how it compares to other trooper records either, or what the criteria are.

    Shooting a moose without a valid permit? Probably every guy with a gun in Alaska has done that.

    Nice try for the journo to claim the moral high ground for Palin, but that was the point of the enquiry: elected officials ARE supposed to take the moral high ground, and not abuse their office or power. Palin is widely known for her abuse of power and personal vendettas, as well as personal favors (eg, giving all her girlfriends highly paid state jobs for which they had no qualifications). She has a whole history of it.

  3. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I'm suddenly up for it.

    So is "drill baby drill" Pauline Palin, Caz. I reckon she will win a few erections (even Gerard Henderson stated he was "rooting" for her or would like to or something - maybe it's a menopausal male thing) but that is about all.

    THe Repubs are well and truly on the nose. The punters can put up with bullshit wars and heaps of other crap but now they can see their houses being taken from them and their saving and pension funds disappeared or transferred to the guys who created this financial debacle in the first place.

    There could be blood on the streets.

    Anyway looking at the numbers Obama will be next President of the US.

    Then they'll murder him.

  4. Hope you're wrong about the last bit Justin. I imagine Obama has more security than Bush, and he's not even POTUS yet. They manage security a bit better these days, albeit, you can only do so much.

    Newsweek got a drubbing this week for not photoshopping their cover pic of Palin. Local paper here claims the hoo-ha is because her facial hair wasn't airbrushed into oblivion, but I can't see the face hair in the online pic.


    Funny, hey, complaining about a woman's photo not being airbrushed.

    This is a topic that would never be had in relation to any man. You'd think a feminist movement had never happened.

  5. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Was there a feminists movement Caz? - I must have missed it.

    Your are right about the security thing - apparently it is pretty tight.

    Let's hope so, for it would be truly heartbreaking if some pea brained red neck succeeded in achieving his eternal infamy.

    Having said that it was not long ago that the idea of a coloured pressi was unthinkable.

    The US has a lot a crap but it also has a lot of good.

    I wonder if we'll ever have an aboriginal PM?

  6. Anonymous6:43 PM

    An inconvenient typo

  7. Sheesh.

    It's not really even embarrassing, just sloppy, thoughtless, and oh so dreadfully obvious.

    Due diligence and quality assurance have had a few kicks in the gut with this US election, no reason to believe there won't be more of them.

  8. And it's only just begun. The countdown continues to Nov 4 and McCain's trenchant hate of his opponent is palpable.

    It's misplaced. It isn't Obama who's done McCain - he's just finishing him off, politically. No, the bloke McCain needs to direct his visceral hatred towards is the bloke that killed off his real presidential shot eight years ago: Karl Rove.

    As I recall McCain, back in 2000, having not bothered with the Iwowa caucuses, out his effort into New Hampshire. The Bush camp, smacked in New Hapmshire and endeavouring to ensure no monetary or political momentum to McCain, put the lot in tow in the Outh Carolina contest.

    By the time the votes were cast in this primary McCain had been brabded a "fag candidate" as well as left "mentally unstable" after his POW years. Leaving no smear un -trowelled, McCain's wife was painted as a serial drug abuser and his "coloured" daughter was the result of liasons with black prostitutes. The fact that she was adopted and Bangladeshi was obviously irrelevant.

    Over zealous local supporters seemingly concocted this clockwork campaign on their own. Independently and with no help.

    McCain's hate is misdirected.

  9. Meant to correct the spelling in that. Oh well, back to the last Guiness...

  10. McCain Holds Auditions for Angry Mob
    Open Casting Call for Irate White People

    With just three weeks to go until Election Day, the McCain campaign has launched a nationwide talent search to find angry audience members for their increasingly hate-filled rallies, McCain aides confirmed today.

    "People assume that when we hold a rally, angry white people just magically appear, but that's not the case," said McCain aide Hardin Carley. "The fact is, a lot of planning goes into this."

    In order to stock their rallies with the requisite number of irate white voters, the McCain camp has reached out to Hollywood, retaining the services of casting agent Tracy Klugian, who found the angry crowds for the 2000 film "Gladiator."

    "They were really clear about my assignment," said Mr. Klugian. "They were like, we want the same kind of crowds you had for ‘Gladiator,' only more bloodthirsty."

    Toby DeBreaux, a self-described angry white man from Dayton, Ohio, was one of a thousand hopefuls who showed up at Mr. Klugian's open casting call in New York City over the weekend.

    With full-throated outbursts like "Liar!", "Terrorist!", and "Kill him!", Mr. DeBreaux seemed to impress the Hollywood talent scout.

    "He really seemed crazy-angry," said Mr. Klugian. "It was like watching Cindy McCain off her meds."

    Elsewhere, in a sign that the world financial crisis may be deepening, leaders of the G7 nations asked President Bush for cab fare back to the airport.

  11. That's where US politics is so much different to little ol' Oz Father: 8 years ago McCain was, apparently, barely capable of being responsible enough to tie his own shoelaces; 8 years down the track - my god! - he's presidential material!

    We only have shades of grey and beige in our politics, while the US goes through every colour from mud to cow poo, and it still doesn't rule anyone out of serious contention!

  12. "Palin's people said her strategy would be to stay upwind of Biden, flush him into an open area, and then take a go for a clean shot through the lungs. You don't want to mess up the head -- that's the trophy." --Jimmy Kimmel


  13. "Doesn't really matter what he did or does, he wasn't an elected official, nor was the enquiry about him."

    But then you wonder, what is right and what is wrong? Looks like she fired a bad trooper.

  14. Anonymous6:57 PM

    It's a short, sharp slippery slope to: two wrongs make a right, non?