October 25, 2008

K.Rudd is a fool

Still banging away at implementing one of their most irrelevant and wasteful election promises, Ruddster & Co are being kept busy censoring those who would critique the government's planned censorship of Internet access in Australia.

Filtering out the fury: how the government tried to gag web censor critics

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I have never, in more than 15 years of using a PC - with about 10 of those years having ready access to the www - accidentally stumbled across any unpalatable or pornographic web sites. Never. Ever. Seriously, you have to go looking for this shit, you can't accidentally come across a Nazi hate site, any more than you can stumble across kiddy porn.

I support any rational and achievable move to block access to child pornography, without qualification - identify the source sites and block them to everyone in Oz (won't stop people, but at least it makes it harder for them to find the sites). But the Ruddster is a twerp, a blithering idiot to persist with this wildly pointless and expensive plan, which will degrade our already pathetic broadband speeds and achieve absolutely nothing.


  1. Once, Caz. It's happened to me once in over twenty years of using the computer and however long I've had access to the net... about fourteen or fifteen years. I googled a well known publisher and got cowboy pron. And I couldn't shut it down... and it was at work, too!
    It's not up to the government to censor our computer access, or our kids' for that matter.

    How the hell are ya, by the way?

  2. Caz, I quite agree, and am annoyed about the way the issue just gets intermittent attention from the Labor supporting likes of Larvatus Prodeo. If it had been John W Howard forging ahead with plans to block "illegal" sites, we would have never heard the end of it.

  3. Kae - been ok, not great, just ok. Last couple of months have been a bit rough, with far too many hours working. Have just changed jobs, and almost feel like a new woman (ah, I wish: make it younger & newer woman, now wouldn't that be nice!). Even managed to catch up with a bit of house cleaning on the weekend, so am hoping we'll be approaching "civilized" by the time Xmas rolls around.

    Steve - I keep hoping that this will all go the way of the other great election promise: laptops and broadband for all the kiddies! Another oversold & under-baked idea with a huge price tag.

    Surely they won't get this through? Almost makes me laugh when I think how pathetic our broadband speeds are, and Rudd wants to know around 70% or more off that, in a monumental effort to achieve nothing! Think how much more could be done by using the money directly for the welfare of children in great need.

    Hey, this is what voters fell for, lapped it up; I have no idea why. Same fools that fell for the "I feel you pain" over the price of groceries & petrol, despite the Federal government having nadda control over either. (How do people get to be so stupid in a single lifetime?)

    Next up we'll eventually hear something of the tender outcome for the next great hope of the Internet ... that whole process sure has gone quiet. Will they or won't they hand a monopoly back to Telstra?

    No one will ever accuse us of being at the bleeding edge of ICT, that's for sure.

  4. Good luck with the new job!

    I was off sick last week and saw two eps of B&B.

    OMG. That Donna is a monsterface.
    Doesn't anyone tell these women that their plastic surgery has been a miserable failure? They look... wrong? Her nose is wayyyy too small for her face. Her top lip is about an acre wide. I'm sure she'll be getting some more injections in the trout mouth soon.

    How do the men in the programme deliver their romantic lines without bursting out laughing at the hideous visage before them? I suppose that they really are good actors after all.

  5. Senator Fielding now wants it extended. WTF next?

  6. Kae - arh Donna.

    One of my favorites, watching to see if the hair stylists have managed to hide her enormous sticky-out ears is such fun, much like playing "where's Waldo".

    Seriously, when she is on screen (and OH how LONG it has been since I saw an episode) my focus is invariably on her ears, poking out from under that blonde shiny hair.

    Yes, you have an excellent point about the men, superb actors.

    When you consider that none of them have thrown up, or simply gone "eeewwww" at the thought of being intimate with women (now numerous - Brooke, Taylor, Donna) who have already been with every other male member of the gene pool, well, they're a credit to their profession, truly a credit.