September 21, 2008

Technical glitch postpones end of world

They're probably using Microsoft, even more probably using Vista.

The potential end of the world and sucky into a man-made black hole has been delayed, due to ... technical problems.

First an electrical glitch, then a helium leak.

See, it's not as easy to build a reliable earth-ending machine as everyone thought.

Sure, whipping up a Large Hadron Collider sounds simple, but see what happens when you try it in your kitchen.

Two month halt

"If the world should blow itself up, the last audible voice would be that of an expert saying it can't be done." Peter Ustinov

P.S: Timmy - the hysteria stems from fear of science, the whole "Frankenstein" terror that lurks at the back of the human mind. Human distrust of science has never - will never - go on its merry way. It's why people come over all apoplectic about genetically modified foods, as if their gardens, their animals, their foods - even their children - haven't already been genetically modified. Humans don't trust humans. Humans don't trust science. The fear that human kind will destroy all of human kind with science, or that a Frankenstein of unimagined ugliness will be unleashed, is ever present, like some caveman belief in the boogieman. The flipside of that coin is the irrational and obsessive need to self-flagellate, ever more so the more advances humans make, hence why global warming / climate change has been ranked as infinitely more important than human suffering. Climate change is the apex of self-flagellation; the pestilence that will rain down, and rein, for imagined human sins.

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