September 19, 2008

Duck Friday


  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    That's what I thought Father Park but then realised it would be difficult unless the duck had some type of heating device and then I thought if it did what type of creature comes out of an incubated orange.

    The imagination goes wild: as such I shall be conducting experiments with fluffy heat controlled ducks and oranges.

    Now where can I get a pregnant orange and how does an orange get pregnant?

    Anyway time to get pithed.


  2. I love pithy people like you and Mike, Justin.

  3. "Duck a l'orange?"
    Ah, Jack Doolan, a man after me own heart.

  4. What's to say that the oranges aren't incubating the duck?

    Hey Esq, lovely of you to drop by my dear.

    Pithy ilks Kath, pithy little ilks we are. Delightful to see that the ilks of us have gathered together to discuss - apparently - impregnated oranges.

    BTW - Kath was the kind donor of the scene, not this little blogger.