September 12, 2008

#1 reason for owning a camera phone


  1. I didn't know you were into taking naughty pics Caz.(sniggers)

  2. I don't know if it's in keeping with the theme of Duck Friday.

    Though I suppose it could be described as political Ducking and Weaving.

  3. That photo. Nicely captured it was.

    Pete should wander off and get himself something to do. The "memoirs" were always going to be published but...really...we always knew what was going to be in them: we watched it like No 96 all these years.

    He didn't challenge 'cause he "never had the numbers". Right. He never tested the numbers. The next pollie that challenges because he thinks he has the numbers and loses won't be the first nor the last.

    Never had the bottle.

  4. Father: Keating put himself up against one of the most popular and *loved* PMs ever; Hawke wasn't even especially on-the-nose, not like Howard. Keating rolled the dice, lost, went to back benches, as he knew he would have to, in less than a year he tried again and was PM, then won it in his own right.

    I never, ever, ever, ever, ever bought Costello's "I didn't have the numbers" glib excuse. No one ever knows what the numbers are until they've been tested. He never tested it. Even a couple of months out from the election (a traditionally dumb moment to change leaders) the whole friggin' party would have given him the numbers, but lily-livered Costello wanted Howard to go willingly. I mean, WTF was that crap? The party TOLD Howard to go, INSISTED, and Costello STILL didn't step up.


    So many good qualities, a good pollie, yet Costello always missed his moment, was short of some vital gene to propel him to be something other than second fiddle to Johnny. Costello's place in history is sealed. It should have been something more, something more admirable.