July 16, 2008

Wednesday Wisdom

“Know yourself. Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.”

Ann Landers


  1. Crap. I value my dogs' opinion!

  2. Drunka - indeed.

    Kae - and now you know why you do. :-D

  3. Anonymous9:52 PM

    I've never had a dog but if I had a dog it would adore me. I used to keep the odd snake or two. One (a python) adored me that much it hugged my throat and kept hugging me till my face went really really red and the viens in my forehead started to pop out.

    It must have really loved me.

    Gnothi Seauton, I would but the guy in the mirror keeps telling me I'm perfect; and he should know.

  4. It's not a dog in the mirror, right?

  5. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Nah too ugly for a dog. But who ever (whatever) it is I'm sure it would much prefer to be a dog.

  6. Of course, an all knowing omniscient omnipotent being could inhabit your mirror Justin, and he would never lie to you.

  7. What about a guinea pig? How's its evidence?

  8. Anonymous2:57 PM

    My dog is smarter than most people I've met. He also has better manners and is more articulate. He doesn't have to draw a picture to let you know what's on his mind.

    But he doesn't seem to approve much of me a lot of the time. If it wasn't for the fact I work so cheap I'm pretty certain I'd be looking for another job.

  9. Anonymous4:14 PM

    "My dog is smarter than most people I've met."

    It takes a brave man to admit that his associates are dumb fucks.

    But then again I'm one of the people Geoff met (although digitally - is that the correct term?) and yes I probably make his dog look rather bright.

  10. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Nah Justin. I'm not saying most of them are dumbfucks. Just that the dog is smarter is all. Maybe even as smart as your average albatross. Dunnow. I'll have to ask him.

  11. If you're relying on a guinea pig for anything - at all - I think you already have your answer Father.

    Justin - you'll always be the smartest man in Tassie to us.

    "He doesn't have to draw a picture to let you know what's on his mind"


    I should stop doing that?

    Ah well, I was always lousy at drawing anyway.