July 28, 2008

The real lesbians lose case

Lesbos islanders have lost their case to reclaim the term "lesbian".

Bang goes my idea for reclaiming the once freely enjoyed adjective "gay".

Boo hiss.

Lesbos loses lesbian case


  1. What's wrong with Leso's from Lesbos?
    Yeah.. I like it.

    We can still be gay too, Caz, you and I. Much better than being sad, eh?

  2. They've taken the rainbow as well.

  3. Ah jeez, you had to remind me about the rainbow Cubicle.

    Hey, I want the rainbow back.

    Damn it!

  4. Noticed a rainbow yesterday as I caught the bus. Maybe if I'd chased it to the end, I would have found a pot of gays.

  5. Is that where all the gays are coming from: the pot at the end of the rainbow?

    Well, we can soon fix that ...