July 28, 2008

Drunker overall

The "acolpops" tax (a grubby little money grab if ever there was) has been a bust:
"Overall, the national data showed a 10% increase in the number of standard spirit drinks purchased in the three months to June, the equivalent of an extra 21 million standard spirit drinks, or 266,000 litres of alcohol."
Naturally, the Rudd guv'mnt is dismissing the data as selective and misleading.

(Much in the same way they dismiss scientific evidence, economic evidence, and so on and so forth.)

Ah, Australians: binge drinkers one day; pissed as neuts the next.

Alocpops sales down, spirits booming


  1. Nicola Roxon, ducking and weaving:

    SIMON SANTOW: Do you agree Minister, that young people drinking spirits and mixing it themselves or even drinking it straight, is even more dangerous than drinking alcopops?

    NICOLA ROXON: Well, look I think you have to look at a range of factors. You also need to look at the fact that these pre-mixed drinks are often so full of sugar as to not enable anyone to taste the alcohol, therefore more is consumed than really should be and that causes damage and it also is attractive to young people who don't often like the taste of alcohol but it is hidden in these products.

    It's just grand to know that the Nation's Youth (tm) are reacting to the alcopops tax hike in such creative ways, it really is, but I think even they would be a bit surprised at Roxon's implication that home-made cocktails are safer than the commercial variety!

  2. Ah, Australians: binge drinkers one day; pissed as neuts the next.

    Ah Caz, could not have put it more succintly myself. Hic!

  3. Reading, reading ... for a second there Timmy I thought that Roxon was about to wax lyrical over obesity concerns ... all that sugar.

    Do try this at home kiddies: mixing your own drinks is safer, contains less sugar, and will half the cost of your next drink binge!

    Yeah, I'd like to see that in some gov'mnt sponsored advertising.

    Kath - hic!

  4. Are we playing another round of Spot The Typo?

    Maybe you should put down the alocpops before you post ;-)

  5. It wasn't the alcopops Cubicle.

    I had the spirits, then forgot to mix. :-D

  6. I'm off for several blacks tonight.
    Let you know if Nicola tells me off for binge drinking...

  7. You're not mixing anything; you're good to go Father!