July 25, 2008

A disappointing Gore

"Mr. Gore is spending $300 million, a lot of it his own money, in the next three years to get the country moving on global warming. He has promised the biggest, most ambitious public-service advertising blitz anyone has ever seen.

So far it’s a cute green logo, the word “me” turned upside-down to “we.” It’s an earnest Web site. It’s Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson on a couch, joshing about saving the earth. It’s Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich, joshing on a couch. I saw one very funny ad with Billy Crystal and David Letterman joshing on a couch. Too bad it was a parody."

The real truth is that $297 M is for Gore's airfares, $1.25 M for his food, $1 M for his home electricity, $500 K for his hairdresser, $200 K liposuction, and $50 K to the idiot who accidentally turned their child's learn-to-read flash card upside-down and Gore thought it was an advertising pitch.

A disappointing truth

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