July 7, 2008

Death by telly

Our parents were right all along, telly really will make you stupid kill you.

Big screen teevees are a little bit too gassy.
"Writing in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, Dr Prather and a colleague, Juno Hsu, state this year's production of the gas was equivalent to 67 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, with "a potential greenhouse impact larger than that of the industrialised nations' emissions of PFCs or SF6, or even of the world's largest coal-fired power plants".
Soooo, hands up who is going to be the first to give up their flat screen telly?

TV screen gas "worse than coal"


  1. What about those private jets the scientists use to flit about to all these conferences all over the world? Don't even get me started on the gasbag celebrities.

  2. Have to agree with TokyoTom's comment Mitchell - the alarmists debunking an alarm! Sheesh, it's enough to send this little bunny to bed with a bex.

    Good post though.

    I also liked another of the (sarcastic) comments:

    "Measuring atmospheric NF3 concentrations may be a worthwhile diversion".

    Err, sure, sounds great fun! Can't have enough fun diversions!

    It's one of those lines I'd love to remember to throw into a conversation, but you can be sure I wouldn't get the words out in the right order and I'd probably call NF3 "NFL" instead ...